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2016 Issue

  1. Bargrizan Ali, Demarco Alberto (Italy). Estimation of the Project Cost by Nonlinear Method According to Different Managerial Attitudes.
  2. Beach Yvonne (United Kingdom).  The Socio-political dynamics and complexity of organisational change projects: A research agenda.
  3. Bourne Lynda (Australia). The Secret Ingredient for Successful Project Leadership.
  4. Čiutiene Ruta, Venckuviene Vitalija, Dadurkiene Giedre (Lithuania). The Critical Factors for Project Team Collaboration in Developing New Products: Qualitative Perspective.
  5. Daunorienė Asta, Bučinskienė Aurelija (Lithuania). Stakeholders Impact Analysis in Higher Education Study Projects.
  6. Dijksterhuis Eva, Silvius Gilbert (The Netherlands).    The Design Thinking Approach To Projects.
  7. Gasik Stanisław (Poland). A Conceptual Model of National Public Projects Implementation Systems.
  8. Goh Hui Hwang, Goh Kai Chen, Wan Sukri Wan Nur Zatil Shahida, Chua Qing Shi, Lim Jia Ji (Malaysia).Introductory of Renewable Energy Sources in ASEAN Countries and Green-Y Model for Predicting Fit-In Tariff in Malaysia.
  9. Godfaurd A. John, A.Ganah (United Kingdom). Activity Theory Perspective for Project Management Research in the Built Environment.
  10. Gustavsson Tomas (Sweden). Benefits of Agile Project Management in a Non-Software Development Context - A Literature Review.
  11. Hamidi Nafiseh Monazam, Hamidimonazam Hamidreza, Hosseini M. Reza, Zaeri Fahimeh (Iran, Australia, New Zealand). Barriers to Adopting Building Information Modelling (BIM) Within South Australian Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.
  12. Hamidi Nafiseh Monazam, Hamidimonazam Hamidreza, Hosseini M. Reza, (Iran, Australia). An Investigation Into Design-Related Risks Affecting Iranian Construction Projects.
  13. Hartlieb Stefan, Silvius Gilbert (Austria, The Netherlands). Dealing With Uncertainty in Projects: What Project Management Can Learn From Business Development.
  14. Ivanova Valentina (Bulgaria).   Micro IT Projects Success Factors - A Small Scale Scientific Research.
  15. Keleckaite - Andrijauskiene Meda (Lithuania). Improving the Ex-Post Evaluation of NGOs’ Projects by Involving the Individual Assessment of Social and Economic Effectiveness.
  16. Kozarkiewicz Alina, Kabalska Agnieszka (Poland). Project Strategy and Strategic Project Management: the Understanding and the Perception of Relevance Among Polish Project Management Practitioners.
  17. Kuura Arvi (Estonia). Projects and Processes: Strangers or Cousins?
  18. Nechaeva Irina (Russia). Building information Modelling (BIM) in Construction Project Management in Russia.
  19. Nuseibah Ala, Quester Caroline, Wolff Carsten (Palestine, Germany). Analysis Checklist for Research project Management: Aspects from European Research.
  20. Ozguler Ipek Sahra, Yilmaz Sertug (Turkey). The Impact of Personal Characteristics on Project Management
  21. Paterek Paweł (Poland).  Effective Knowledge Management in Agile Project Teams - Impact and Enablers
  22. Polak Jarosław, Wójcik Przemysław (Poland). Interorganizational Cooperation in IT Project Management - Collaborative Project Management.
  23. Pūlmanis Emīls (Latvia). Microeconomical Impact Factors In Project Management – Professional Liability (Indemnity) insurance For Project Managers’
  24. Ratanova Inese, Bruņa Silvija (Latvija). The Tools of Controlling in the Control System of Project Management
  25. Reusch J.A. Peter, Reusch M.M. Sylvie (Germany). On Competences in Project Management and Life-long Learning – EU Standards - Approaches with Thesauri and Competence Models
  26. Reusch J.A. Peter, Reusch S. Pascal (Germany).    How to shape Competences in Project Management?
  27. Reusch J.A. Peter, Reusch S. Pascal, José Ramón Otegi Olaso (Germany, Spain). Sustainability in Project Management Standards
  28. Sampietro Marco (Italy). Adoption and Evolution of Agile Practices.
  29. Sander Tom, Sloka Biruta, Teh  Phoey Lee (Germany, Latvia, Malaysia). Gender Difference in the Use of Social Network Sites Profiles to be Attractive for Project Manager.
  30. Sidney Edidiong, Teslim Bukoye Oyegoke, Philpott Elly (United Kingdom). Project Management Tools and Technics in Private Construction Companies in Nigeria: A Case Study Approach.
  31. Silvius Gilbert (The Netherlands). Social Project Management?
  32. Andri Dan Traustason, Hilmar Þór Hilmarsson (Iceland). Iceland – UK Interconnector: Is Proper Political Risk Mitigation Possible?
  33. Tsiga Zakari, Emes Michaels, Smith Alan (United Kingdom). Critical Success Factors for the Construction Industry  
  34. Tysak Wolfgang, Tietz Tobias (Germany). The impact of correlations in the critical field.
  35. Uzulāns Juris (Latvia). Three Sources for the Project Risk Register Analysis.
  36. Wolff Carsten, Wosniak Janne , Hensen Christian (Germany). Project Management for Technology Driven Small and Mid-Size Enterprises.
  37. Wiśniewska Magdalena, Stawasz Danuta (Poland). Critical Analysis of the Possibility of Application of Participatory Methods in Local Development Management in Poland. 

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